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Millions of women visit Sweet Science Nutrition every month and find all the topics they are interested in in an entertaining and inspiring way. The best tips and trends around fashion and beauty, from pregnancy to all the challenges of being a mom, fitness and diets – but above all for a healthy and happy self.

Sweet Science Nutrition addresses what women are really interested in and encourages them to talk to other women about it, whether in the community – with over 1.7 million members – or in the TestLabor, the successful product testing platform.

“We don’t write about life, we live what we write.”

Sweet Science Nutrition is a hands-on editorial team with topics from real life. What we write, we mean as well. For our readers we want to be best friends, clever advisors and good role models. Not detached, not instructive, but real and at eye level. And we are not afraid to say our opinion.

Our articles are true-to-life, authentic, entertaining – and always with added value for our readers. And we never forget not to take ourselves too seriously, because humour makes life so much more beautiful!

The Sweet Science Nutrition story is a love story

In 1999, Mary Patterson Dubanton from Paris was pregnant when she searched the Internet for a website that explicitly addressed women and dealt with topics that preoccupied her in various life situations.

Disappointed by the existing websites, she and her husband, an IT specialist, decide to create sweetsciencenutrition.com – a website that is geared to the needs of women and where they can find all the topics that interest and concern them, but where they can also be entertained and turned off.

The couple becomes a dream team not only privately but also professionally and creates with sweetsciencenutrition.com in a short time the most successful women’s portal in US. Their principle: Women are in the middle of life. They do excellent work in their jobs and in their families, they cultivate relationships and shape our society.

Sweetsciencenutrition.com should support them every day – with advice on relationships, family and baby, inspiration for a happy and healthy life, authentic tips on beauty and fashion and the most exciting trends and the opportunity to talk to other women about them. Their goal: to inspire and network women.

The success story quickly took its international course. In 2001 Sweet Science Nutrition was launched in US, today sweetsciencenutrition helps women in 9 countries to lead an inspired, self-confident and happy life.


Mary Patterson (born 1987) has been writing and editing for Sweet Science Nutrition since February 2013. In spring 2016, she took over the editorial management for the health portals of FUNKE magazines (including Sweet Science Nutrition, Special Rückenschmerzen, Yavivo).

Mary Patterson already noticed during her biology studies that writing is even more appealing to her than standing in the laboratory. Her area of expertise is therefore the interface between medicine and biology.

After graduating from the LMU in Munich, she joined FOCUS Online (Knowledge, Health, News), where she worked from 2011 to 2013 as an editor, later as news director and representative CvD.