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The good and bad of drinking coffee

Coffee culture has been growing rapidly for years as the popularity of coffee houses and cafés has risen in the media. The National Coffee Association found that over 54% of Americans over the age of eighteen drinks coffee every day, with a national average of 3.1 cups daily, much of which is consumed in the

Alcohol and Your Health

There have been raging debates about alcohol consumption and the risks that are associated with it. While impaired general motor skills are commonly cited and understood, not everyone is aware of the ways in which too much alcohol can repress your body’s ability to stay healthy. Drinking in moderation poses little risk if you are

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green Tea has a long history throughout the ages, originating in China and spreading throughout the globe to be enjoyed by millions. Touted as one of the healthiest beverages on the planet, with abundant nutrients and plentiful antioxidants, this liquid has been the subject of much scientific research. Here we will review its amazing benefits
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