Tips to Buy the Right Single Serve Coffee Maker

Single serve coffee makers are available in all kinds of sizes, shapes, features and colors. With a series of options, it is good to be clear about the type of single serve coffee maker you wish to have.

Types of coffee drinks you want

Many single serve makers could only brew certain kinds of coffees. So decide what you want from the coffee maker. Do you prefer a brewed/filter style of servings? Are you a fan of a milky, flavored coffee? Getting answers to all these and related questions will let you have a clear picture on the type of machine you should buy.

Number of coffee cups you drink

Some folks hardly pull their coffee maker every day. On the other hand, there are coffee enthusiasts who need coffee after every few hours. Some single serve makers come with water reservoirs, whereas other makers do not have water reservoirs. In case you need coffee servings in quick succession, choose a coffee brewer that comes with a bigger water reservoir.

Space constraint

Are you looking for a single serve coffee maker for a small kitchen, your boat or a dorm room? If yes, you might be looking for a space saving machine. On the other side, a larger brewer might be an ideal choice if you need a machine for your office or a big sized family.


Your budget is going to impact your buying decision to a great extent. If budget is not a problem, you may want to choose a high-end machine that comes with amazing features. However, a regular single serve coffee brewer might be your choice if you are running short of funds. So plan your budget properly to check reputed brands available at affordable or discount prices.

Enlist reputed brands

Now that you know what kind of machine you want, it’s time to figure out reputed brands to choose an ideal brewer. You will find hundreds of companies offering single serve brewers. Never consider brands that are new in the market. Only enlist brands that have been in the field for many years with a good reputation. Complete your checklist of brewers through offline and online sources.

Check customer reviews

When it comes to buying any consumer product, reviews turn out to be really helpful. People often share their views about buying particular products. So take time and surf reviews on single serve coffee brewers. On the basis of ratings and feedback, trim down the list to brands that are greatly applauded for quality and affordable pricing.

Choose wisely

Compare the price, quality, shipping policy as well as warranty of each brand minutely. Read the terms of purchase and clear any possible doubts you have. Also, figure out the support system of each brand. Finally, settle with the brand that offers a top rated single serve coffee maker without causing too much burden on your wallet.

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