Best Fat Burning Foods For Weight Loss

The best way to improve your ability to lose weight is to choose the right foods. Those choices are based on several things: calorie levels, fat content, carbohydrate amounts, salt and other nutritional content. One thing that tends to elude dieters is the concept of choosing foods that aide in fat burning. The Difference between

Food Addiction and Obesity

Obesity has been on the rise in recent years with over thirty five percent of US adults suffering from the effects of being chronically overweight, an number that is three times higher than it was just one generation ago. While there are many overlapping theories about why this is, many researchers have stated that food

Top Ten Muscle Building Foods

To increase your overall mass and lose fat you need a variety of healthy foods for fuel. While there are many variations of diets, everyone agrees that protein is necessary to build a strong form, support tissue repair, and manage your metabolism. While protein is a regular part of everyone’s diet, there is a multitude

Why Processed Foods Are Bad For You

Processed foods are basically foods that have added additives, hormones, preservatives, chemicals, unnatural genetic materials, or heat treatments. These components tend to destroy fatty acids, healthy enzymes, minerals and vitamins, making food unhealthy. The whole idea of processing is to lengthen the shelf life of various foods, allowing them to be sold over time. When

The good and bad of drinking coffee

Coffee culture has been growing rapidly for years as the popularity of coffee houses and cafés has risen in the media. The National Coffee Association found that over 54% of Americans over the age of eighteen drinks coffee every day, with a national average of 3.1 cups daily, much of which is consumed in the

Top 6 Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon, which is derived from the inner bark of an evergreen tree that is native to Sri Lanka, has been in use for centuries. Egyptians used it for embalming; European people used it for cleansing during the bubonic plague, and it was one of the most popular spices during times of exploration in the 15th

Why Sugar is Bad For You

As sugar consumption rises every year, refined sugars have been receiving more press about the various negative health effects. While sugar in moderation and from fruit is not an issue, consuming large amounts of corn syrup, raw sugar, agave nectar, and cane juice will contribute to an entire host of issues down the line. Here

Health Benefits of Almonds

Almonds have been consumed by many cultures for thousands of years and were highly popular in the diets of ancient Egyptian cultures. They have continued to be popular and have become a popular snack food as well as becoming incorporated into milks and flours. On top of being delicious regardless of how you eat them,
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